◉Before ordering EDK products, please check the specifications listed in the catalog.
Anything which are not listed in the catalog should be consulted with EDK Sales or Engineering Dept before ordering.

◉For the application which requires high safety, it is recommended that appropriate protection circuit should be designed in by the set-maker.

◉Particularly for Switch usage, protection circuit for the set may be recommended in case of the switch failure.

◉For any questions regarding EDK products, please contact us by phone or e-mail listed below.

Telephone : +81-55-265-4240
e-mail :

Warranty :
◉One year warranty after the delivery to the designated location should any failure caused by EDK responsibility.

Limitation of Liability :
◉Except following conditions listed below, a defective product will be replaced by the equivalent at the first delivery location.

①The failure which is caused by usage out of specification or out of agreement exchanged between customer and EDK.

②The failure which is caused by other reason than EDK product.

③The failure which is caused by repair or modification by other party than EDK.

④The failure which is caused by miss-usage.

⑤The failure which is caused by unpredictable reason at the time of shipment.

⑥The failure which is caused by any reason not responsible to EDK.

Specification Changes :
◉Specification changes may take place to improve the product without prior notice.

Customer Specification :
◉This catalog contains only general specifications, therefore customer is recommended to exchange a specific customer specification.
The customer specification supersede the catalog specification.