Surrounding condition for usage

◉The products listed in this catalog are designed for indoor use only.
Do not use on the outside door equipments.

◉For the use in the dusty area, try to clean the area regularly to prevent it from fire.

◉It is not recommended to use in the vibrating condition.

◉Some type of organic solvent may cause a crack.

◉Consult EDK engineering Dept for such usage.

Regarding Electric Characteristics

◉Do not use exceeding the maximum rating.
Consider the loading condition and keep the rush current under the maximum rating.

◉For the connection with Faston terminals, use matching connector pins only.

◉Loose connection may cause heat up and fire.

◉Wires to be used should meet the specified rating.

Regarding Soldering

◉Some restriction exists for Flux and temperature on Soldering.

◉Please refer to Specification issued by EDK.

◉Please refer to EDK specification and instruction for proper usage.

Regarding Transportation and Storage

◉Please avoid high temperature, high humidity and dusty area for storage.

◉During transportation, avoid tensive shock or vibration.